At iAN TV we deeply recognize the importance to maintain Armenian language and identity. We launched a special video library with the aim to offer Armenians living in different countries a new way to get closer to Armenian culture. By subscribing to iAN TV services you will access to our unique library: Armenian classic and latest movies, TV versions of Armenian theatre performances, concerts and music videos of various genres, newly filmed and ongoing TV series, top rated TV shows, etc. We also have a special offer for kids: our educational videos and cartoons in Armenian language will let your kid to enjoy and learn Armenian.

The library is up-to-dated that makes it possible for our subscribers to organize their leisure and recreation time with family and friends. Select your favorite movies, cartoons, videos or TV series and watch by your preferences: any time and by any means – home TV set, PC, Smart TV, Tablet or Smartphone. With iAN TV you’ll be sure to find something the whole family will love to watch!