Samsung Smart TVs 

iAN TV application is compatible with Samsung’s Smart TVs of 2012-2016 years production. You can install and run iAN TV app directly from SMART HUB menu or using IP address. Here below you can find the user guide with a detailed overview of how to get iAN TV application installed by using IP address.


LG Smart TVs

iAN TV application is compatible with LG’s Smart TVs working on NETCAST 4.0, NETCAST 4.5, webOS 1.0, webOS 2.0, webOS 3.0 or webOS 3.5 TV platform. To activate iAN TV applicaiton for your LG Smart TV you just need to go to the SmartWorld store, search for iAN TV and download it for your TV.

Android Smart TVs

iAN TV is available for Smart TVs using Google’s Android OS. You can run iAN TV app on any Android-based Smart TV from the leading manufacturers: Panasonic, Philips, Sony, etc. To download iAN TV app, you need to go to the Google Play store and search for iAN TV, or just click on the button below.