iAN TV Box is a stylish, compact and high performance digital set-top-box which enables you to get access to all Armenian and most favorite selected International TV channels over the Internet. iAN TV Box is compatible with all types of TV sets and can easily turn any TV into a Smart TV. No installation is required: just connect iAN TV Box to your TV set and existing broadband and start watching immediately! iAN TV Box connects to your TV through an HDMI port or via CVBS cable. To connect iAN TV Box to the Internet you can use a wired or wireless network. Easy-to-use interface and interactive features give you a complete world of entertainment allowing easily create your own personalized TV experience and enjoy all your favorite content.

By ordering iAN TV Box, you get the complete package with the following components: set-top-box, universal remote control for easy navigation, battery, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, CVBS cable and external power supply.

Setting up iAN TV box is pleasingly simple!

Step 1

Connect iAN TV Box to your TV set via HDMI cable or via CVBS cable at the same time ensuring that the device is connected to a power source.

Step 2

Turn on the TV, select HDMI input or RCA-in and adjust Internet network connection settings (connect to the existing broadband over WiFi or Ethernet).

Step 3

Login screen will appear after successfully connecting to the Internet. Enter Your Login and Password to get instant access to iAN TV services and start watching!

 Universal Remote Control

1. Turns the Set-Top-Box ON / OFF

2. TV control area (You can use SET button to program iAN TV Box remote with new commands to control your home TV set. Here you can find user guide that gives a detailed overview of how to program iAN TV remote with new commands)

3. Access to additional features and get information about the service

4. Player functions: Audio / Subtitles / Zoom / Recording

5. Main buttons for controlling the player (Back, Pause, Stop, Play)

6. Video Library

7. Navigate through the interface (Up / Down / Left / Right), click OK to confirm your choice

8. Back (use this to go back while navigating through your iAN TV Box menus)

9. Jump to the home Menu

10. Control the playback (adjust the volume, view the EPG, change the channel up / down)

11. Channel select buttons and text entry

12. Go to the last channel viewed

13. Delete entered numbers / text