1.How can I watch Armenian TV channels with iAN TV?

iAN TV offers personalized TV services by broadcasting all Armenian TV channels worldwide. Our services are delivered using the Internet. Due to modern solutions you can watch live broadcasting Armenian TV channels on mobile devices (Android, iOS), on Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Android), as well as on any type of home TV sets via iAN TV Box. To get access to iAN TV services and watch LIVE broadcasting Armenian TV channels on your mobile devices or TVs, you should subscribe to one of our service packages from our website online store (www.iantv.tv). Once your subscription is successfully processed, you will receive the confirmation Email with your personal LOGIN & PASSWORD.

2.How can I subscribe to iAN TV services?

To subscribe to iAN TV services you should order one of our service packages from our website online store (www.iantv.tv). Select the package you prefer, precede the subscription process by following subscription steps. You will be asked to select the method of payment: PayPal, Credit Card (Visa Card, MasterCard) or Bank Transfer.

3.Can I get trial version of iAN TV services?

Yes! As a trial version we offer ONE DAY FREE subscription, which will enable you to test the compatibility of iAN TV services with your Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and internet connection.

4.What Internet speed require iAN TV services?

Our TV services are delivered using the Internet connection starting from 512 Kb/sec to 2.5MB/sec.

5.I have downloaded iAN TV application, but it requires Login and Password. How can I get them?

You will receive your personal Login and Password once you subscribe for one of iAN TV service packages. After subscription confirmation your personal Login and Password will be sent to your Email address provided during the subscription process. Please, make sure to provide valid email address.

6.Will I get new Login and Password when I continue my subscription or order another package?

No! If you continue your subscription or order a new service package from your personal account already created on our website, your Login and Password will not be changed. Login and Password you got for your first subscription will stay active.

7.How do I manage/cancel recurring payments?

iAN TV supports recurring payments to handle subscriptions and other payments. Recurring payments mean that our subscribers do not have to worry about remembering to make their payment each time it is due. Recurring payments are an option that allows subscribers to make payments for iAN TV services automatically at regular intervals. By subscribing for the first time, as a subscriber, you can provide us an advance authorization for initiated payments on a regular basis until recurring Payments are cancelled. You can cancel recurring payments anytime by choosing the corresponding option in the “Recurring Payments” section from your Account in our website.

1.On what devices I can use iAN TV services?

iAN TV application is designed for iOS/Android mobile devices, for LG/Samsung Smart TVs of 2012-2014 years production, as well as for Android TVs. To watch via home TV set we provide iAN TV BOX, which enables you to access our services with any type of TV set. Online watching option is available on our website.

2.How many devices can I use for one subscription?

One subscription enables to watch on 3 devices simultaneously! You can use your personal Login and Password to watch on your mobile devices and TVs. The first 3 devices you use to access our services are registered as permanent by default. If you want to change one of them and use another device, you should contact our Customer Support Service indicating the device you want to remove.

3.My TV set is not Smart TV, how can I use iAN TV services?

If your TV set is not a Smart TV, you can purchase iAN TV Box from our online store. iAN TV Box is a stylish, compact and high performance digital set-top-box which enables you to get access to iAN TV services over the Internet. iAN TV Box is compatible with all types of TV sets and can easily turn any TV into a Smart TV. No installation is required: just connect iAN TV Box to your TV set and existing broadband and start watching immediately!

4.How can I obtain iAN TV Box?

iAN TV Box is available on our online store. You need to make online purchase after which the box will be delivered to your postal address. We offer worldwide delivery: no matter where you live, we ensure the proper delivery of iAN TV box to your postal address in the shortest possible time.

5.How to program iAN TV remote with new commands to control the TV?

iAN TV remote control has been programmed to control your iAN TV Box and can be programmed to control your TV. To program your iAN TV remote to work with your TV, please following these steps: 1. On iAN TV remote control, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds. The POWER button led turns on. 2. Hold the original TV remote control about two inches from iAN TV remote control, and point the infrared sensors toward each other. 3. On iAN TV remote control, press the first learnable button you want to program from the TV control area (for example the POWER button). Simultaneously, press and hold the corresponding button on the original TV remote. If the programming works, the POWER button led turns off. Repeat the process for each learnable button from the TV control area. Once you program iAN TV remote with new commands, it will automatically control the TV.