iAN TV invites you to become our official dealer in your area!
iAN TV services are available in more than 150 countries. We are proud to have subscribers in many countries and are looking for dealers who are interested in working with us to extend our services worldwide. Our dealers have a great opportunity to work in every country and invite new subscribers by promoting iAN TV services throughout their networks.
Why to become a dealer?
We provide our dealers with recommendations of how to present iAN TV services in particular cases as a part of our productive partnership, i.e. we provide all necessary material for organizing iAN TV services promotion: Presentation Context, Booklets, Ad Banners, Referral Links, etc.
Who can become a dealer?
We are looking for dealers who are active, responsible and highly interested in working with us. Every dealer is important for us, therefore we develop flexible and award-winning Dealership program to welcome all interested parties, both businesses and individuals, to partner with us.


Within our Dealership program we work with dealers, who own a store or business in service field (mostly for Armenian clients) or have a web source (Website, Company Facebook page, etc.), and are interested to add iAN TV services to their existing product/service offers. We partner with every type of business. Our dealers sell iAN TV Access Cards/devices and promote iAN TV brand in addition with their main business activities. From each sales dealers earn the dealer commission.


We develop customized Dealership program for individuals, who are actively involved in the life of Armenian communities, represent Diaspora-Armenian organizations or have many Armenian friends/relatives around the world. Our dealers officially present iAN TV during the Armenian events, concerts, meetings, etc. and promote iAN TV services throughout their social networks (Facebook , Odnoklassniki, etc). From each sales dealers earn the dealer commission.

             Who can become a dealer?

                       If you are interested in our Dealership program please sign up.
             Once we receive your application, our market development specialists will contact you.