iAN TV creates a unique bridge between Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora!

iAN TV offers interactive and personalized TV services by broadcasting all Armenian TV channels worldwide. Due to modern technological solutions our subscribers can watch Armenian TV channels on any Internet-connected screen: smartphone, tablet, PC or TV. We deeply recognize that living outside Armenia we should struggle to keep Armenian language and identity. iAN TV has started its activities with the aim to offer Armenians living in different countries a new way to discover Armenian heritage and get closer to Armenia. As a source of information covering the latest stories and news from Armenia and Diaspora, we bring Armenian spirit to your Armenian families wherever you are and promote to maintain Armenian traditions and national values. iAN TV is not only TV services: there is a unique mission to keep and promote Armenian culture and language.
Our mission is:

to increase information exchange between Armenia and Diaspora and promote to maintain national values

Our goal is:

to provide access to all Armenian TV channels and Armenian unique video library from anywhere, for any device

We work for:

providing services with high quality, becoming a major part of Armenian family life and maintaining customer loyalty

Why join iAN TV?

We are very proud to bring Armenian spirit to your Armenian family wherever you are. Joining us, you will enjoy your TV watching and can be sure to find something the whole family will love to watch. iAN TV delivers the best experience of watching all Armenian TV channels and also offers carefully selected collection of Armenian classic and latest movies, Armenian cartoons and educational videos, newly filmed and ongoing TV series, popular TV shows, concerts, music videos, etc. We take care in providing the best content in the best quality! Due to interactive solutions and functions such as Catch-Up, Pause/Restart, Recording you will not miss out any of your favorite TV programs.